Monday, March 18, 2013

Door, Fender and hood.

This is the car with the new hood. But it still has the old fender.
Immediately after fixing the quarter panel and the door jamb we started on the driver's side door and fender and also the hood. It was a lot easier to do this because for the most part this metal was pretty straight. The area around the door handle was a little tweaked from people closing the door too hard and the entire door was covered with layers of brushed on paint. This all was sanded off, the dent was pulled, and we applied some filler, and after sanding we got it pretty close. The fender was another issue because there was a small dent in the upper part of the fender. We tried to use a stud welder at first and this did not work. We could not put a dolly behind the dent because of some reinforcement on the back of the fender. So because we had one, we replaced the fender with a better one from a 67 Belvedere. This fender was way better so it was easier to make it straight. Also this gave us an opportunity to put under-body coating under the fender. We also replaced the hood with a hood off the same 67 Belvedere that the hood came from. Evidently someone crushed the drivers side of my original hood and covered it with Bondo. The new hood took very little sanding and almost no filler to be made nice and straight.        

This is the new fender with the under body coating.

Because we had the fender off anyway we decided to spray under body coating behind the splash shield.

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