Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Glass and dash removal

In the same time frame as the fender and hood replacement we removed the glass and the dash. the only thing complicated was trying to keep the 45 year old rear window gasket intact because the rear one costs several times as much as the front one. This involved slowly pulling on the window on one corner while prying the gasket out at the same time. We succeeded and I saved a few hundred dollars. Thankfully the glass looks pretty good and scratch free so I can hopefully reuse it all. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the process, but here a some pics of the car without glass or a dash.

Carefully removing the window trim was the first step

It sure was cold the night we removed the glass!

With the windshield gone the dash was easy to remove

The rear window was a challenge, due to us wanting to save the gasket

All the trim was labeled and stored for later polishing and re-installation.

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