Saturday, March 16, 2013

Starting work on the sheet metal

After moving and other delays in 2009 I finally started work on the car. First I pulled the bumpers, grill, and taillights and emptied the interior. Then I started on the sheet metal. The first thing I replaced was part of the floorboard where the drive line or something punched a hole. This must have happened a lot because two other parts cars had damage in the same spot. So after using a wire wheel on the grinder to clean up the area we drilled out spot welds where we could and cut the rest. Then we welded on the new piece that we cut out of a parts car, sprayed primer on it, and coated the seam with seam sealer.

Safety first as I prep the repair piece for installation, I am even wearing one of my Dad's old work shirts.

Repair piece held in place with some Clecko's and a jack underneath.

Once the welding was done, everything was primed.
Then a thick OEM style layer of seam sealer finished it off.

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