Sunday, March 17, 2013

The quarter panel and door jamb

This is the original quarter panel

A few weeks after the floor repair we took on our next challenge of fixing the drivers side. I bought for $50 a nice door off a 66 Coronet (they had the same door as a Satellite). The next thing we did was start on the smashed quarter panel. We cut out a patch panel from a parts car that was in good condition and cut out the old piece. The door jamb was a challenge. We had to drill out a ton of spot welds on the new piece as well as the old one. After welding on the new pieces and pulling a couple of dents with the spot welder we were off to a good start. The next thing we had to do was get it pretty close with the stud welder and hammer and dolly. Then we used filler to get it down to where all we needed to do was block sand for a perfectly smooth panel.
The original door jamb

The problem is removed!

Out with the old - in with the new!

Using the stud welder to bring the quarter panel in line.

After moving the car into its new car port we finished sanding the filler and coated it with self etching primer.

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